What are the goals of the Community Pedestrian Plan?

    The goals below are from the 2013 Community Pedestrian Plan. While still relevant, they will be updated during this planning process.

    • Pedestrian Network and Connectivity: Create and maintain a pedestrian network that provides direct connections between city center, trip attractors, schools, and residential/commercial areas.
    • Safety: Strive to maintain a complete, safe sidewalk network free of broken or missing sidewalks, curb cuts, or curb ramps and that include safety features such as a traffic calming, lighting, and sidewalk repairs.
    • Aesthetics, Comfort, and Enjoyment: Encourage the inclusion of art, historic, and natural elements along with street furniture and landscaping in pedestrian improvement projects.
    • Land Use and Development: Promote land uses and site designs that make walking convenient, safe, and enjoyable.
    • Multi-Use Trails: Establish multi-use trails as part of Fuquay-Varina's public infrastructure.

    Why is the Town updating the existing Community Pedestrian Plan?

    The Town of Fuquay-Varina has grown tremendously since the existing plan was completed in 2013. Having an updated pedestrian plan is crucial to ensuring a high-quality pedestrian network.

    How is the public being engaged in this project?

    The public is being engaged in several ways throughout the project:

    • Steering Committee- The Steering Committee is comprised of stakeholders representing local schools, business owners, pedestrian interest groups, and the senior citizen community. Combined with representatives from local and county government, NCDOT, and Wake County Schools, the mission of the Steering Committee is to help guide the plan to reach its goals.
    • Online Survey & Mapping
    • Outreach Events 

    How do I get involved in the planning process?

    You can get involved by completing the project survey, providing comments on the project interactive map, and attending outreach events. Your voice is incredibly important to the success of this plan and how pedestrian facilities operate in our community.